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Six Ways to Get Into College with a Low GPA

GPA and College Admissions

Grade Point Average or GPA is used by the colleges and other post-secondary institutions to assess and compare applicants. You’re at the end of your secondary education and you realize that your GPA is lower than you would like it to be. You also realize that if you want to get into one of the top colleges in the country, you need to have very strong GPA. GPA standard for each college is different and it is higher for the most reputable post-secondary institutions. But there is no reason to feel too anxious and worried about your low GPA and your college enrollment prospective. There are some ways to get into college with lower GPA score. Try to present yourself as a perfect candidate in your application through your essay, personal qualities, positive character traits, skills, previous academic achievements and well performing on a interview (if it comes to one). The admissions committee will look at you with favor if you do well on your essay and interview section. The point is to be familiar with what the admissions officers are looking for when reviewing a candidate’s application. When you know that, you can put effort to improve your performance in those areas.

student get into college admissions test score gpaHere it is a list of things you can do to increase your chances to get into college with low GPA.

  • Enhance Your Standardized Test Scores

Admissions on a large number of colleges and universities are based on a sliding scale which means that students with low GPA may increase their acceptance chances by high SAT or ACT score.  If your GPA score is low, your standardized test score for admissions to college must be higher to get college acceptance. Take on time SAT or ACT preparation courses to make sure you’ll get the high score on these standardized tests for admissions to college and get into college with low GPA score.

  • Explain Your Low GPA – If There is a Valid Reason

In case there is a valid reason of your low GPA like health or some family issues, do not hesitate to explain it to the admissions officer in your essay or during an interview. If your previous academic performance is good, they may consider lowering the admission criterion in your case.

  • Write a Great Admissions Essay

Admissions letters are another important part of college admissions which can help you to enroll in desired college with low GPA. A well-written admission essay is of a vital importance in getting into college with poor GPA. Make sure to keep you explanation concise and true. Your admissions essay can give you the opportunity to present yourself in the best possible way and to explain the background of your low GPA. Use the essay to describe yourself as an interesting and unique individual who can make a positive contribution to a college campus community. The essay is a great opportunity to stand out of the crowd and be noticed among thousand other applicants.

  • Get Involved in Extracurricular Areas

Apart from your high grades and test scores, colleges and universities are looking for positive good people who will bring quality to college campus. You can compensate your low GPA with proving that are well-formed individual with positive attitudes and values who will bring its own set of life experiences and uniqueness to college or university campus. The chances of being accepted will be greater if you are a member of a volunteer organization, sport team, student council or similar youth organizations. Include all relevant experiences in your application.

  • Perform Well on an Interview

Performing fine on an interview can also increase your chances of getting into desired, maybe even your first choice college with a poor GPA. Every admissions officer is interested in meeting a true person beyond scores, numbers and GPA. Take the chance of to make an excellent impression on the interview and persuade your potential college or university that you’re the right candidate.

  • Improve Your Performance

If you are a high school senior, you still have the chance to get your GPA better and improve your chances of getting into college. Give your best and work on it, it will surely raise your possibilities of being accepted to some extent.

  • Take Into Account the Other Options

There are numerous other options to consider if your GPA is poor. For example, you can think about joining one of community colleges, since they have less strict admissions criteria than other colleges and universities. Performing well at community college can help you to get into other colleges and universities after two years. Just take care that you choose the college that acknowledges and recognizes the score of the community college you are enrolled in.

Getting into college with poor GPA is difficult, but not impossible. Keep in mind that, though vary important one, your GPA is just a part of your college application.

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